Safety is not just a policy with us.
Safety is part of the culture of our company.

Michael Stanczyc: Safety Director  860-507-8745

“We will only perform work if it can be done safely!”
“We will not perform any work until all hazards have been addressed and the job can be completed without injuries or damage to property. We make this commitment to each other and a ‘safety comes first’ attitude shall guide all our decision making and activities while working for the company”. (Excerpt from our safety handbook which is given to each employee upon hire.)

We are committed to safety and every day we practice this policy through our implementation of the safest working conditions in the industry. Extensive safety training, investment in the safest tools and equipment, and a zero tolerance for unsafe work practice is the way we insure that our commitment to safety remains one of the most important business practices.

When it comes to on-site safety, our industry relies heavily on the front line supervisors (foremen and general foreman) as they have the most interaction and influence over their crews and are responsible for the day-to-day safety of their men.  With this in mind, we require all our supervisors be trained to a minimum standard of the OSHA 10 hour level for foremen and the OSHA 30 hour for general foremen.

For complete details of our Company Safety Manual contact a Safety Professional.

Our employee safety orientation program includes training and discussion on the following topics:

  1. Safety Policy Statement
  2. Required Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Hazard Communication Training (video presentation)
  4. First Aid/Injury Report Procedure
  5. Emergency Procedures (fire, injury, etc)
  6. Safe Work Practices, Rules & Procedures (employee handbook)
  7. Safety Responsibilities (video presentation)
  8. Verification of State Electrical License Number

Our Safety Responsibility Policy
Every employee is expected to do their part in keeping safety at the forefront of their work responsibilities. Each employee is required to adhere to the following policy on safety responsibility:

  1. Comply with instruction of supervisors, and abide by all safety, practices and procedures.
  2. Report all accidents, injuries and near-miss incidents to direct supervision and corporate with investigation efforts.
  3. Submit recommendations for safety and efficiency.
  4. Know their exact duties in case of fire or emergency.
  5. Maintain their physical work area in a neat and orderly manner, and report hazards immediately to direct supervision.
  6. Attend periodic tool box meetings conducted by supervisors and be accountable for applying increased safety knowledge to work habits.
  7. Working for the company while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication that effects your ability to perform your work in any way is forbidden.

Each employee has a responsibility toward their own safety, but likewise, they have a responsibility to family, co-workers, the community, and to their company by whom they are paid.

In the performance of their duties, therefore, employees are expected to observe safety rules, practice procedures, as well as instructions related to the efficient performance of their work.  The ideal in safe and efficient construction/industrial operation is reached only when all employees are safety conscious and keenly alert both mentally and physically.

We strive to deliver the best service possible to our customers however the one thing that is never compromised is safety. We are absolutely committed to the safety of our crewman and our customers. We will not endeavor to cut corners or sacrifice any level of safety on any job. That’s our guarantee.