Northeast Utilities Greater Springfield Reliability

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The Greater Springfield Reliability Project is part of the New England East-West Solution (NEEWS) for Northeast Utilities and was placed in service in November 2013.  McPhee's Utility Division completed extensive work to improve transmission system reliability, ease transmission bottlenecks in the greater Springfield and north central Connecticut areas, and meet more stringent federal and regional reliability standards along 39 miles of transmission lines between Ludlow, MA and Bloomfield, CT.


With over 600 new structures and 13 new or rebuilt substations and switching stations, major construction on the Project was finished both on time and under budget, despite challenging weather events that included Superstorm Sandy and the blizzard of 2013.    


The Fairmont115kV Switching Station is part of the Greater Springfield Reliability Project, one of the four main transmission projects comprising the New England East-West Solution (NEEWS) Projects. The work at Fairmont Switching Station consisted of the design and construction of a new 115kV breaker and one half, eleven-line, five bay switching station. 


The work at Cadwell Switching Station consisted of the design and construction of a new breaker-and-one-half 115kV, five-line position, three-bay switching station. This ring bus is ultimately convertible to a four-bay breaker-and-one-half configuration.