Millstone Power Station

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Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers and transporters of energy.  Millstone Power Station, located in southeast Connecticut generates enough electricity from its two operational units to power about 500,000 homes.


McPhee performed the removal and installation of the Millstone Unit 3 Main Transformer 345Kv Tie-Line Insulators between the Millstone transmission tower and the CL&P switchyard. This work was performed while the south 345kV bus was energized. 


McPhee was responsible for ensuring safety precautions and redundant systems to provide additional safety to personnel and the plant.  The unit 3 main transformer 345kV disconnect switch was installed to the west of the existing 345kV tower. This work included installation of insulators, lightning arrestors, motor-operated disconnects, and individual 345kV conductors and spacers. The existing disconnect switch had hot parts, center isolator, and both motor-operated and hand-operated systems removed. The blade assemblies were removed and replaced with high voltage aluminum tube.


McPhee completed this project approximately 2,800 hours under budget and ahead of schedule.  McPhee continues to provide services to Dominion at the Millstone plant.