We provide electrical services within all aspects of the Industrial Industry including manufacturing facilities, Waste Water and Water Treatment Plants, and at Power Generation facilities.

Power Generation

We are a proven industry leader in construction and engineering services for all types of private, municipal, and utility-owned power generation systems.

Job Title
Alstom Power Plant Lab Relocation
Hudson Generating Station
Plainfield Renewable Energy Center
Nashville International Airport: Switchgear Upgrade Phase 1
Millstone Power Station

Water Treatment

Waste water treatment plants, lift stations, pump stations and filtration plants bring unique challenges that we can meet without issue.

Job Title
Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority Sewage Upgrades
Smyrna Water Treatment Plant
Clarksville Wastewater Treatment Plant
Livingston Wells Upgrade
Nashville Metropolitan Central Wastewater Treatment Plant
Middlesex County Utilities Authority Water Reuse Facility


Our service and construction services are customized for manufacturing and process applications from chemical processing and pulp and paper, to the intricacies of food processing.

Job Title
Spring Hill Phase 3 Conveyor
Tilcon Connecticut