Verizon Windsor Chiller Replacement

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McPhee was contracted by Verizon Wireless to upgrade their primary chiller at the Windsor Switch. This work included supplying and installing a temporary 300-ton chiller into their system to maintain cooling in the building during construction.

A 275-ton crane was used to remove the existing Mammoth chiller from the roof.  McPhee then modified the steel load frame to accept the custom 300-ton Trane chiller. Additional complications required supplying a temporary generator to back feed a section of the main switchgear during the feeder installation.

Once chiller switch out was completed, the building Automation Management System was modified so the unit could be accessed remotely. 

Testing & Commissioning occurred on the new Trane Chiller during off hours by McPhee and subcontractor New England Mechanical Services, Inc. (NEMSI)   This included testing all alarms, points to the BAS system, system failover to other chillers, fire alarm, and all systems associated with the chilling tower. 

The Windsor facility is a Mobile Telephone Switch Center that handles hundreds of celluluar sites throughout the State of Connecticut and surrounding area.