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Founded in 1968, Daktronics has become the world leader in the design and manufacture of programmable display systems, electronic scoreboards, billboard advertising and transportation signage along with campus, civic, worship & convention communications displays. Additionally, they produce time-keeping systems that are utilized at events ranging from the youth leagues to nationally televised sporting events.


In 2006, McPhee Electric, Ltd. began servicing billboard displays in the central and southern Connecticut markets for Daktronics and was quickly recognized as one of the premier service contractors in this region. Daktronics provided a small group of McPhee electricians with advanced training that allows them to service & maintain all of the displays that they currently produce with a few technicians receiving training on the advanced display systems. This group of technicians, who are dispatched from our Farmington, CT office, are expected to provide immediate response when an issue has been detected on a display and are tasked with diagnosing and correcting the problem in the shortest amount of time.


In 2008, McPhee was certified as an Authorized Service Contractor (ASC) for Daktronics in the northeast region and our service area was expanded to include portions of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The McPhee technicians are also qualified to act as the on-site Daktronics representative for the commissioning of newly installed displays at facilities throughout our region and since 2011 our technicians have supplied the labor necessary for the pre-game start-up’s and event support during the University of Connecticut home games at Rentschler Field. 


Continued training has allowed our service technicians to provide the support that Daktronics requires at West Point Academy, Mohegan Sun Casino, Webster Bank Arena, CVS Pharmacy, Gillette Stadium along with some of the tallest billboards in the northeast.