The Capella Hotel: Washington DC

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The Capella Hotel is a six star, 49 room suite luxury hotel. The original structure was built in the 1950’s and was gutted completely prior to the commencement of construction at the hotel.

The work included 3 new elevator shafts -cut in, an additional floor added to the top of the building, and complete infrastructure upgrades including all new electrical services. 

One of the challenges our crew overcame was the lighting and associated systems. We installed over 6,000 light fixtures including 30 different types, and 4 miles of LED strip lighting.  Even more challenging was that the entire light fixture package which was owner furnished, with very little detail regarding each type of fixture prior to their arrival on site.  The lighting layout for the entire project was detailed to 1/8”, and the bulk of the lights were installed in either millwork from Germany, or various custom stones from all parts of the world which made careful coordination with other trades a must.  The 4 miles of LED strip lighting were installed throughout the entire hotel; from the Cornice that wraps the entire exterior of the building, to the bookshelves in the Capella Lounge, to under the stone stairs leading you into the endless “Infinity Style” pool on the roof. 

This entire project was completed in seven months start to finish. 

The Washington Building Congress recognized J.E. Richards, Inc. for outstanding Craftsmanship. The project was also given a STAR Award for Excellence in the Face of Adversity.  For the highest quality job that was done under the most difficult conditions.  Schedule, logistics, site constraints and working conditions all could be contributing factors.